Headquartered in Los Angeles, Customer Focus Services (CFS) is a vibrant, rapidly growing Nevada Limited Liability Corporation that has been in business for more than eight years. Our state-of-the-art ensemble of technology and services is designed to gather, integrate, personalize and manage customer knowledge...

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The founder of Customer Focus Services, Marc Haberman has been its CEO since inception, starting up a company and taking it through the phases of fundraising, acquisition of talent, and development of new clients to sustain profitability and consistently high quality standards..


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Welcome to Customer Focus Services! Conceived in the United States in early 2000, Customer Focus Services (CFS) provides customer service outsourcing services through their onshore and offshore call centers in both the US and India. Our sustained efforts are always aimed at blending innovation and insight to give you the very best in customer care and support services..

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Offshore Business Process Outsourcing - The CFS Edge


Customer Focus Services (CFS), a pioneer in India-based offshore outsourcing firm with an offshore call center, offers high-quality, performance-driven outsourcing services. We aim to radically reshape the face of call center outsourcing and customer relationship management through strategic solutions that comply with our clients’ overall mission. Consistency and commitment are our watchwords as we cater to offshore outsourcing requirements in a wide variety of fields encompassing offshore call center and technical support outsourcing based services. We also help companies outsource customer service to an offshore contact center to streamline cost efficiencies and to provide outstanding customer service.
  • A pioneer in India-based offshoring with over a decade of experience in call center outsourcing
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles with India-based operations, thus combining global exposure and capability with the best of Indian technical insight and entrepreneurial drive
  • Multi-location delivery (offshore and onshore) centers in India (Bangalore) , New York , New Jersey and Maine to provide a variety of inbound call center services.
  • Expansive domain knowledge in diverse fields of offshore outsourcing
  • Enterprising business practices, dedicated delivery systems and holistic, true-value solutions
  • Cost effective without compromising on quality


Business Process Outsourcing – the CFS Portfolio


Our state-of-the-art ensemble of technology and services in the offshore call center and Business Process outsourcing domain is designed to gather, integrate, personalize and manage customer knowledge and content across every channel of client communication and inbound call support, including high quality telephony, e-mail, proactive chat, Knowledge Base/FAQ Development and self-help.

  • Offshore Customer Service and Support
  • Back Office Outsourcing - Accounting Outsourcing and Support
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring Services
  • Collaborative pre-sales and offshore sales support (Voice & Chat)
  • Order inquiry & other post-sales support (offshore in-bound voice, Chat & Email)
  • Order verification, credit card processing
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 tech support outsourcing (Voice, Chat & Email)
  • Health Services - Medical Billing
  • IT Outsourcing Remote Management
  • CFS increases your brand value, contributes to outstanding customer satisfaction, and saves you money over your current options