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Quality Assurance


CFS has consistently been in compliance with all the quality standards of our respective clients, as varying as they are. In fact, our agent breakout sessions and other CFS activities have brought pro-active suggestions for improving our clients' quality. It is this continuous 360-degree approach from quality monitoring to review, documentation, training and operations that make us a preferred vendor among our clients. We provide this attention to Quality Assurance as included in our pricing models.


CFS evaluates our agents and strives to encourage them towards the principles of continuous improvement. The 360-degree continuous improvement model we described above from a training perspective is also used to improve our agents. We monitor and trend their statistics on a daily basis to uncover areas in which our agents can improve. By presenting these areas in a positive light, our agents are more likely to maintain that skill in the long term. It also helps create a friendly atmosphere and ultimately impact agent turnover, a costly area of training.


Customer satisfaction is equivalent to making sure that product and service performance meets customer expectations. It occurs when the perception of the reward from the purchase of goods or services by the customer meets or exceeds his/her perceived levels. The perception is a consequence of matching past purchase and consumption experience with the current purchase.