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  • A pioneer in India-based offshoring with over a decade of experience in
    call center outsourcing
  • Expansive domain knowledge in diverse fields of offshore outsourcing
  • Multi-location delivery (offshore and onshore) centers in India (Bangalore)
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Case Studies on Outsourcing


Leading VOIP Carrier:

Our client is the leading VOIP carrier and calling card vendor in the world.
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Leading Consumer Electronics Company:

Our client is the technical support division North American operation of one of the world's largest consumer electronics companies.

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Large Network of Retail Websites:

Our client is a network of e-commerce websites. These represent a divers
group of properties in different stages of growth.

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Rapidly-Growing U.S.- based Consumer Electronics company.

The rocket-like growth of our client which has made it the fastest growing company in consumer electronics history also had caused a customer support nightmare.

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Major Consumer Product Inventor - Infomercial Company

A household name for over 30 years, our client's growth, exacerbated by a strong holiday sales period resulted in a serious backlog of customer emails.
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