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Proactive Chat - Live Help & Live Support
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Companies are competing with each other to offer and sell similar products. Imagine a potential customer who not able to find a product on your website goes to another and purchases the same product. The Cliché Competition is just a click away has never been more true than now. You cannot afford to lose business due to lack of features on your website.


Proactive Chat Equals Increased Sales

It is estimated that close to 89 million customers will use 'Live chat' by 2009! Live chat is a decisive communication medium that allows a representative to become the virtual salesperson of your online store. In the future, you cannot do away without it!


Customer Focus Services is so confident about driving incremental revenues that we enter into a 100 percent performance based contract with our clients- you pay only if we deliver results. Our selling model thrives to convert more customers, maximize customer satisfaction, trustworthiness and also your profit.


Reduce abandoned shopping carts

A study by a leading web analytics company estimates 58% shopping cart abandonments on retail websites. Equate it to the revenue your company has been losing every year. What if you could convert a few out of the every thousand visitors who visit your site into buyers? These visitors have gone through the entire process, entering personal and payment info. They're the visitors you can't afford to lose. They made the decision to continue on at each step in the process, up until the last one.

Proactive chat helps reduce shopping cart abandonment to a great extent

:: We can counter cart abandonment by initiating proactive chat support as soon as the customer abandons your website from the cart page. This way, you get an opportunity to interact with your customers before they totally exit your website.

:: What’s powerful about this is that a potential buyer is given an opportunity to engage in a chat with a sales agent, who can probe and understand the customer’s requirements and help him choose a product that best meets his requirements. Besides helping the customer in making an informed decision it will give you insights into what first caused the customer to abandon the shopping cart.

:: Customers who reconsidered their decision to abandon the shopping cart and went on to place an order after their chat with a ‘Proactive Chat Representative’ could be offered incentives like Coupons, Free Shipping etc.


Increase average $ value of the order

Proactive Chat invitations placed on key areas of your website can definitely increase the $ value of your orders. We can program rules to

:: Create an opportunity and persuade customers to add accessories to the shopping cart, thereby increasing the order value. For eg. Adding memory sticks, batteries, adapters etc. after a Digital Camera purchase.

:: Up-sell accessories by adding invitations to accessory pages. This would give customers an opportunity to interact with a ‘Proactive Sales Chat Representative' and clarify any concerns that they may have about particular accessory. You are losing a potential accessory up-sell if you don't have a real person interacting with your customer.

:: Double your order value. You would be surprised to know that many customers don't purchase Lenses & Printers after a Camera purchase, Blowers after a Kayaks purchase, Extended Service Plans after a high value purchase. This happens due to insufficient product knowledge and unawareness. A well designed ‘Proactive Sales Chat' feature on your website could increase the order value significantly, if not double it.