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Customer Service Outsourcing
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Customer Service Outsourcing - Call Center Services


Each and every contact with your customer is an opportunity to augment and strengthen your relationship with them and your channels of distribution.


Welcome to Customer Focus Services! Conceived in the United States in early 2000, Customer Focus Services (CFS) provides customer service outsourcing services through their onshore and offshore call centers in both the US and India. Our sustained efforts are always aimed at blending innovation and insight to give you the very best in customer care and support services. We provide high quality inbound call center services that will enhance your brand value, contribute to outstanding customer satisfaction, and consolidate your lead in the marketplace. We are very cost-effective to boot, saving you money over your current options. The result is the finest customer service outsourcing and support services in the industry at the most reasonable rates!


Customer Service Outsourcing


Our wholly-owned offshore subsidiary in Bangalore, India, provides state-of-the-art call center outsourcing support and is one of the top customer care service providers operating offshore in India. This is in line with our goal to radically reshape the face of outsourcing and customer relationship management outsourcing by delivering strategic solutions that assist our clients in achieving their overall targets. To this purpose, we use our extensive experience in the contact center outsourcing space of dealing directly with over 75 clients in varying industries.


Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions


CFS consistently serves clients with scalable and reliable customer interaction solutions. Our Customer Service Outsourcing and Support ensemble focuses on the enhancement of your business opportunities within the purview of both your current customer base and prospective customers.


Customer Service Outsourcing CRM


Research shows that as much as 78.5% percent of a company's revenues come from their existing customer base. The Customer Retention Strategies and client-centric customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM call center) tools exclusively devised by CFS are directed at ensuring that product and service performance meets and surpasses customer expectations. CFS’ core competencies lie primarily in our ability to understand the client’s specific situation and business niche and proactively deliver comprehensive outsourcing customer support services and technical support outsourcing solutions. Over the past six years, through our offshore call center services, we have efficiently handled millions of customer interactions related to:


Customer Service


Our expertise in customer call center service ranges from handling typical customer service and sales support calls to resolving complex escalations. CFS places no limits on capacity. Our hierarchical staffing structure offers a distinct advantage by training a core group of customer support representatives on specific functions. This way, you are assured of quality service and support for each product/service offered. In addition to this, our escalation groups are trained to recognize mood indicators in the customers’ speech, tone, or (in the case of emails and chats) writings. The result is customer management that will help your company build an enduring, positive relationship with clients. We take pride in always having the right people and the right processes in place for each and every one of our customers.


Billing Inquiries


From informing customers about their outstanding bills to offering them additional services on billing inquiries, our call center services can handle it all. Apart from managing billing inquiries, we have the acumen and experience to undertake a constant update of your billing database. Additionally, we provide key observations on where you are losing out and what measures you can take to make your billing process more effective and less cumbersome. Our commitment to maintaining our quality service levels and response times is reflected in the confidence that our clients show in our consistency.


Order Processing & Management


In addition to processing orders and placing orders on the telephone, CFS is also an expert in up-selling and cross-selling products to your customers. Our call center services include follow-up on pending orders, with a constant focus on cutting down order-cycle time; also included are order verification tests, fraud detection and strategizing measures to ensure speedy delivery of products. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure we have the best predictive models of demand, so that when customers come, they are welcomed quickly into an environment designed to assist them. We will err on the side of overstaffing to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. We can be totally relied upon to help improve your Average Order Value (AOV).


Account Inquiries and Maintenance


We provide customized services to customers who inquire about activating and deactivating their accounts on various websites. Our call center clientele in this arena ranges from Calling-card & Credit card companies to Online Image Storage stores; our Call center services are focused on maintaining your customer's accounts and informing them about special offers or renewal and communication of important updates pertaining to their accounts. We take pride in ensuring that our agents are trained in handling sensitive customer information pertaining to credit cards, social security numbers etc with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Tele-booking and Reservations


From reserving a hotel room in New York to booking a conference room in Las Vegas, our call center services can do it all! Our business contacts and utility network helps make reservations instantly. Flexibility is our benchmark and we never reject customer inquiries about expired booking or unavailable services, but suggest an alternate possibility based on our internal knowledge management database and online efficacy tools. This way, no opportunity is lost and no compromise made on customer service standards.


Warranty / Replacement Support


The importance of reinforcing existing customer relationships cannot be understated. And this is what keeps us motivated to provide the high level of service we are renowned for. Our customer support representatives have the expertise to handle complex warranty inquires of any nature. The highly adaptable knowledge base that CFS develops for, or with, each of our clients ensure that customer needs are quickly, uniformly and thoroughly addressed the first time itself.


We also believe that how we talk matters as much as what we say to our customers, making us all the more dependable to manage your post-sales warranty & replacement support issues.


Insurance Claims and other related Processes


Meticulous processes are our credo, and this is what makes us one of the most sought-after insurance claims processing company. Our customer support representatives are devoted to their tasks and work processes. A huge part of providing good, balanced services in this arena depends on the ability to boost customer confidence, supplementing it with a keen sense of propriety, objectivity and discretion. These skills are developed in our agents through training, regular reviews and critiques, and become second nature to them.

With such a solidly planned system, you can stop worrying about handling insurance claims for we shall make this process hassle-free as possible. Our obsessive attention to details will ensure that your business soars.


Loyalty Programs


To keep your customers loyal, you need to offer quality service. And to excel amidst competition, you have to introduce additional programs or offers to retain your customers. This is where we can help you. You can keep your customers loyal while we keep your costs down without compromising on the quality of services. Our instant ramp-up business models handle customer calls based on your market-specific and customer-centric loyalty programs.


Dealer Locator Services


We offer Tele-Dealer locator facilities to destinations across the world. Though called dealer locator services, we do not limit it to dealers alone. In addition to locating dealers, we can also locate product service centers and parts replacement centers for your products. This is important when a product breaks down or when your customer wants to buy a new product. What more, with our experience and expertise we focus on controlling talk time even while answering such calls efficiently. Low costs and expert service constitute the excellent package that you can offer your customers with our help.


Up-selling & Cross-selling Products


Whatever marketing mix you use— from webinars to traditional TV, radio or magazines— we can help you make the most of your advertising budget. Through agents who are trained specifically in advertised products, we can answer your customers instantly, accurately and uniformly. Our customer support representatives' ability to co-relate your products with your customers' requirements creates an exciting medium to up-sell and cross-sell your products. In fact, CFS has a unique accessory suggestion tool (Cross-sell / Accessory Management) developed in this direction to assist cross-selling on our sales based accounts.