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Outsource Medical Billing - Medical Billing Outsourcing Services


As a healthcare professional you have to strike a balance between patient care and medical billing management. You only make the decision once to outsource medical billing, but the benefits of making the decision continue on long after you make the decsion to outsource. Selecting a medical billing outsourcing company that reinforces your practice with comprehensive billing services is half the battle won. CFS offers you just that – complete, one-stop, full-service medical billing outsourcing and coding solutions that will leave you free to focus on your core practice.


CFS has the experience, domain knowledge, infrastructure and capacity to support huge medical billing outsourcing projects. Approximately 25% of all medical practice income is generally lost due to medical billing errors, accounting for losses over millions of dollars every year. By making the decision to outsource medical billing, you are making the decision to minimize such discrepancies, making your medical practice cost effective and highly productive.


Outsource Medical Billing to Reduce Overhead


At CFS, we perform medical billing functions on your systems, exactly the way you do it. We also have in place customized software that goes one step ahead, assisting you with accurate diagnostic coding and enhanced process efficiency. Our exceptional attention to details, strong workflow processes and a customized Quality Process ensure that you and your practice will get a higher average return per processed claim, all because of your decision to outsource medical billing. Moreover, our HIPAA compliant medical billing system eliminates tedious paper work and reduces your overheads, also offering the advantage of space that you can utilize productively. And by choosing to outsource medical billing, all this gets done at a fraction of the cost that you currently incur!


Outsource Medical Billing to Improve Cash Flow


Enhance your cash flow and do away with human resource issues, payer denials and excessive costs with our extensive range of medical billing outsourcing solutions. Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Electronic and Paper Claims Submission
  • Gathering Patient Billing Data & Data Entry
  • Verification of Insurance Benefits
  • Posting Payments from Insurance Carriers and Patients
  • Calling Insurance carriers about incorrectly processed claims
  • Submitting Electronic Data Interchange (Electronic Claims)
  • Managing the Practice Management Software
  • Filing Appeals to Carriers for Incorrectly Paid Claims

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Our abiding goal is to provide the highest return on your claims, without sacrificing service or patient support, and all at a competitive price. Call us now for a variety of highly customized medical billing outsource services.