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Product & Sales Support Outsourcing - Consumer Products & Electronics Sales Support


Customers, technology, economics and quality of support – the retail world is driven by these factors. To succeed in this customer-oriented world, it is essential for you as a retailer to transform the way in which information is provided about your products. Multi-channel retailing is one of the methods evolved over the past few years to help customers make the right decision while purchasing your products. Through multi-channel sales support, you can provide email, chat and telephone support to customers.


We at Customer Focus Services believe that it's our primary responsibility to help your customers make the right choice. Our inbound call center team keeps your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! Every call to our inbound sales team provides an opportunity – not just to sell what your customer wants, but also to up-sell and cross-sell your products.


Over the past few years we have evolved into a successful sales service provider and actively provide sales support for:

Digital Cameras, Camcorders
:: Camcorder Accessories

:: Computers :: Notebooks and Desktops

:: Camera/Computer Displays :: Computer Displays

:: Televisions :: Home Theatre Systems

:: MP3 Players :: Printers & Scanners

:: Home Products and Kitchen Appliances :: Mobile Phones

:: Office Supplies :: Car Audio Products

:: Electronic Security systems :: Receivers, Amplifiers and Tuners

:: Home Furnishings, House wares etc :: DVD Players and VCRs

:: Jewelry :: Boating, Fishing, Outdoor Gear

:: Other Home Video Products :: Other Home Audio Products Outfits for Archery


Most of our clients have witnessed an increase of around 15–20% sales conversion in these areas after hiring us. Here are some of the solutions that we provide:


Sales and Order Processing


Retail stores can offer an attractive revenue stream, but also bring increased administrational tasks and an increased likelihood of error if the systems are not properly designed. By using a standalone database the retailer is operating in isolation from the systems that have been built up over time in-house. This standalone database could be used by our Customer Service Representatives to update the database and place orders on behalf of customers.


Traditionally, solving these issues by integrating the standalone database with back-end systems has been quite expensive, but growth in technology has enabled sales order processing integration within a realistic budget, allowing your orders to be automatically entered directly into your system.


Point of Sale Support


Our CSRs provide point of sale support anytime, providing sales support at key junctures, either on the website or through the telephone, thereby simplifying your ordering process. Here are some of the advantages of providing 'point of sale' support to customers.


:: Increases efficiency at checkout and reduces order time
:: Allows customers to complete their order as quickly as possible
:: Provides key information related to any products during the purchase process
:: Assists the customer in making the right choice and purchasing the right product
:: Improves 'Brand perception' by providing quality sales support


Up-selling and Cross-selling

Whatever marketing mix you use, from webinars to traditional TV, radio or magazines, we can help you make the most of your advertising budget. By positioning agents who are trained specifically on advertised products, we answer your customers instantly and efficiently. With our in-house revolutionary sales team, we focus on what we can offer to your customers. Our agents' ability to co-relate your customers' requirements and your products creates an exciting medium to up-sell and cross-sell your products.


Sales Closure on Potential Customers

It is vital in retail sales that you don't lose an opportunity. Our agents are trained adequately to handle sales requests and are certainly better prepared to handle sales closure.


Disaster & Outage Coverage

With the constant threat of natural disasters and technological dysfunctions, we believe business continuity is crucial, especially with your existing and future customers. The INDIA plan certainly keeps you prepared for any disasters. The Customer Focus Services Disaster and Outage support plan helps you manage your customers, at lower costs, without compensating on the quality of support. In a world of uncertainties, you can count on us!