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Outsourcing Technical Support
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Outsourcing Technical Support - Tech Support Outsourcing for Consumer Electronics


At CFS, we are the premier provider for outsourcing technical support. The digital revolution is riding a crest, representing a tremendous opportunity for consumer electronics retailers to enhance business returns by providing superior outsourced technical support. More than 55% of households in the US own Digital Cameras, Desktops and PDAs, and it is estimated that by 2010 more than 50% of households will own Laptops, High Definition Televisions, Home Networks and Digital Video Recorders. This spells tremendous opportunities for retail businesses like yours that understands the many benefits of providing stellar service by outsourcing technical support. One major factor that determines brand preference is the 'actual service experience’ a customer has with your company. This is where Customer Focus Services steps in. We know that when you are outsourcing technical support you want and expect all your customers to be treated with outstanding customer service all the time, and we can make sure that this happens.


Outsourcing Technical Support


Customer Focus Services (CFS) has been offering technical support outsourcing services to a wide range of clients for the past six years. Our carefully devised strategies and training methods help achieve the best resolution rates with minimum talk time. CFS believes in outthinking the competition and bringing to our clients enhanced returns through superior performance at our technical support outsourcing centers. In fact, some of our clients have witnessed an increase of 45% in Customer Satisfaction Rates after engaging Customer Focus Services for their offshore call center needs. Outsourcing technical support to CFS is a win-win situation for your company as well as for your customers.


Technical Support Outsourcing For Consumer Electronics


:: Digital Cameras :: DVD Players & Recorders

:: Camcorders :: VCRs

:: Photo Printers :: Car Satellite Radio

:: Subwoofers :: Speakers

:: Car Amplifiers and Audio Accessories :: Photo Scanners

:: Storage devices like Memory Sticks :: Home Audio Products

:: Home Video Products :: LCD Flat Panel Televisions

:: Projection Televisions :: MP3 Players

:: HDTV Tuners :: Headphones

:: Plasma Televisions :: Mobile Phones

:: Digital Video Recorders :: Boomboxes

:: Home Theatre Systems :: Receivers

:: Amplifiers and Tuners


Consider outsourcing technical support for:


Software and Hardware Support


Most consumer electronics products are supplied with software to improve compatibility with other products. Customers face issues while trying to connect these products with other devices like computers. Our customer support representatives are well equipped to handle such issues. Our services include, but are not limited to:


:: Assisting customers while installing software
:: Troubleshooting any issues that occur while installing drivers
:: Determining patches and updates for enhanced software features
Installing drivers to facilitate connectivity between different brands of products
:: Troubleshooting incorrect operation of products like Televisions
Troubleshooting issues related to various accessories like Memory Sticks, Remote Commanders etc
:: Troubleshooting battery issues of Mobile Audio products
:: Debugging issues post-installation


Convergence and Hardware Issues


Connectivity issues are bound to occur when customers try to connect products of two different brands – For example, Why am I unable to connect my Bluetooth enabled Sony Camcorder to a Bluetooth enabled HP Laptop? With years of experience in handling these questions and with the help of Customer Focus Services' proprietary 'Decision Tree' tools, our customer support representatives handle these issues with ease. Some of the common issues with brands and hardware that we can tackle are:


:: Connecting a DVD Player to a Television
Connecting a Camera / Camcorder to different brands of computers and vice-versa
:: Connecting MP3 players to computers
:: Connecting audio and video equipment to a Home Theaters


Recommending Accessories and Parts


Many technical issues with products can be resolved only by replacing specific parts. We not only suggest the replacement part codes but also where they can be purchased. Very often customers are not aware of the new accessories they can use with a product. And here lies an "opportunity to sell"! We have helped our clients increase their revenues by suggesting the right kind of accessories to customers for particular products. We have paved way for a radical improvement in the overall customer experience by recommending the 'correct' replacement parts and accessories to our customers.


Warranty Support


Customers prefer warranty support once they notice that they are unable to resolve their technical issues through online and offline troubleshooting procedures. Apart from informing customers about the warranty status of their products, we also initiate other related processes based on the warranty status. We are well-versed in initiating repairs, arranging exchange programs, following up on repair status, canceling repair orders, rescheduling repair work, arranging in-home service, and directing service centers to handle repairs, keeping customers informed with repair updates.


Service Recommendation


Every cent that the customer saves through you today will come back to you in the form of customer loyalty. Our technical experts refer to service manuals and guide customers in servicing their products on their own, which would otherwise amount to a visit to the service center. Moreover, this way customers are equipped to deal with the problem if it occurs again.


Other Technical Support


Though we specialize in the above areas, we are also enthusiastic about venturing into new areas of technical support. We also offer other technical support related services like creating work orders after troubleshooting customer inquiries, generating RMA requests etc. We can certainly customize it for our clients.