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The CFS Edge

  • A pioneer in India-based offshoring with over a decade of experience in
    call center outsourcing
  • Expansive domain knowledge in diverse fields of offshore outsourcing
  • Multi-location delivery (offshore and onshore) centers in India (Bangalore)
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Overview – Outsourcing the CFS way


Headquartered in Los Angeles, Customer Focus Services (CFS) is a vibrant, rapidly growing Nevada Limited Liability Corporation that has been in business for more than eight years. Our state-of-the-art ensemble of technology and services is designed to gather, integrate, personalize and manage customer knowledge and content across every channel of client communication, including high quality telephony, e-mail, chat, Knowledge Base/FAQ Development and self-help. Multi-location delivery centers in Bangalore, New York, New Jersey and Maine add to the scope and reach of our call center support services.


Business performance enhancement and cost savings form the lethal combo we assure you at CFS. Our extensive clientele comes from industries as varied as Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Financial Services. Our clients grow profitably within their business categories by virtue of our world-class processes, people and technology and the extremely favorable prices we cite, eliminating the usual encumbrances inherent in dealing with typical outsourcing providers. At CFS, we aim to radically reshape the face of outsourcing and customer relationship management through strategic solutions that comply with our clients’ overall mission.


The global exposure and capability of Customer Focus Services have been infused with the best of Indian technical insight and acumen and the result is our wholly owned center in Bangalore, locally known as C-Cubed Solutions and serving as the base for all our customer interactions.


We chose India, as we can attract, train and retain highly quality individuals to be our customer support representatives. We chose Bangalore specifically because its deserved reputation as India's Silicon Valley has given us access to all the technology skill sets needed to serve our clients. As such, we were one of the pioneers in the offshore model, with extensive experience in the consumer marketplace and a strong track record of delivering efficient, cost-effective customized solutions.


Access to a wealth of educated English-speaking individuals is not enough. What sets Customer Focus Services apart from other India-based operations is our focus on our customers, the innovation and competence inherent in our training processes, and our perceptive management.


Our goal is to increase your brand value, contribute to your outstanding customer satisfaction, and save you money over your current options. Our US-oriented inception and India-based operations allow our clients to have the advantages of a globally positioned vendor coupled with offshore savings and expertise!